Government of Guinea-Bissau awards Chinese doctors who complete mission in the country

30 December 2016

The Health Minister of Guinea-Bissau, Carlitos Barai, on Wednesday awarded diplomas of merit to 17 Chinese doctors who completed their mission in the country, within the framework of existing cooperation between the two countries in the health sector.

The gesture, he said, sis in recognition of the work carried out by professionals from China who arrived in Guinea-Bissau in December 2012, “and, moreover, it is the least the government can do to recognise the excellent services provided by Chinese doctors during the four years that they were in the country.”

China’s outgoing ambassador to Guinea-Bissau, Wang Hua, recalled that since 1976 his country has sent 233 health technicians to provide health services in the country, as well as supporting the training of local medical staff.

During their stay, the Chinese medical team, which has already been replaced by the same number of health professionals, worked in Sino-Guinean Friendship military hospital in Bissau and in Canchungo, in the north.

China has, since Guinea-Bissau’s independence, helped the country in the fields of education, agriculture and infrastructure, and also provided financial support. (macauhub)