Portugal signs new strategic cooperation programme with Cabo Verde

17 February 2017

Portugal will support Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) with funding of 120 million euros under the new Strategic Cooperation Programme (PEC) for 2017/2021, which will be signed on Monday in Praia at the summit between the two countries, the Portuguese ambassador to Cabo Verde said on Thursday.

Helena Paiva also told Portuguese news agency Lusa that education, language and culture, science and innovation, safety, health and social affairs, energy, environment and climate change are among the priorities listed in Cabo Verde’s new development programme.

The funding provided for the new Strategic Cooperation Programme more than doubles the indicative value of US$56 million in the previous cooperation programme (2012/2016).

However, Paiva pointed out that public development aid by Portugal to Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) totalled around 400 million euros by 2015, which includes four credit lines intended to build infrastructure in the country.

Portugal and Cabo Verde are due on Monday to hold their 4th bilateral summit in Praia when the heads of government of both countries, António Costa and Ulisses Correia e Silva are due to sign the Strategic Cooperation Programme (PEC).

In recent statements, Cabo Verde’s Prime Minister announced that a pardon of the debt incurred to finance the “Home for All” housing programme is a possibility that is being negotiated with the Portuguese government.

The “Home for All” programme, managed by the Imobiliária Fundiária e Habitat (IFH) foundation, was launched by the governments of the African Party for the Independence of Cape Verde (PAICV), now in opposition, and funded under a Portuguese credit line of 200 million euros. (macauhub)