Government of Mozambique approves Gaming and Gambling Law regulations

22 February 2017

The government of Mozambique has approved the regulation of the Gaming and Gambling Law which, in addition to increasing the number of casino licenses to be granted, reducing the distance between casinos from 5 kilometres to 100 metres, said on Tuesday in Maputo the deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism.

Ana Comoana said after the meeting of the Council of Ministers the regulation states that the country’s capital, Maputo, may have up to four casinos within a 100-metre radius while the Beira and Chimoio cities can have a maximum of three within that same area.

The cities of Mozambique were classified under this regulation into three classes – A, B and C – and Maputo is considered class A, the city of Beira, the capital of the central province of Sofala, class B and cities of Chimoio (Manica) and Quelimane (Zambezia) class C, which sets the maximum number of licenses to be granted.

The deputy minister stressed that through this regulation, the government intends to concentrate a larger number of casinos in a small area and gave Macau as an example of concentration of casinos.

“This concentration allows the player to be in a casino and, at his discretion, move to another, either because he is losing or because the other has better security or other conditions,” he said. (macauhub)