Mozambique seeks loan in China to build airport in Gaza

23 February 2017

The government of Mozambique is waiting for the Export-Import Bank of China to approve a loan of US$60 million to start the construction of Chongoene airport, in Gaza province, the Minister of Transport and Communications said recently, quoted by the local press.

Minister Carlos Mesquita, who visited the site where the airport will be built, said the feasibility study and the environmental impact study had been completed and now the government was awaiting approval of the loan to start building the plant in an area of approximately 4,000 hectares.

Mesquita said that the building area for the airport has few families – “which will be rehoused elsewhere” – although there is a large number of graves that will be relocated, a process that has the support of their families and traditional local authorities.

“The airport is a necessity and a dream for Gaza which we hope will boost the province’s tourism,” the minister said.

Mesquita stressed the fact that there are plans to build a dam on the Limpopo River, in Mapai district, as well as a project to explore heavy sands in Chibuto “and all these activities require an airport to allow people involved in these projects to travel more easily.”

The Chongoene district, which was recently created, has the first higher education facility in Gaza, the Pedagogical University, and one of the most attractive beaches in Mozambique. (macauhub)