Cabo Verde’s airports receive more passengers and aircraft in 2016

24 February 2017

The ASA statistical bulletin showed that in 2016 over 2.2 million passengers passed through the archipelago’s airports, and the increase occurred in all seven airports in the country, notably on the island of Sal, which is the busiest, with an increase of 22%.

Second place went to Aristides Pereira international airport, on the island of Boavista, which increased by 9.5%, mainly passengers coming from major European cities that send tourists to Cabo Verde.

Thomson Fly, TAP Air Portugal and Tui Fly Netherlands were the operators that contributed most to the increase of passengers at airports in Cabo Verde.

Nelson Mandela international airport in the Cape Verdean capital, recorded a decrease in the number of international passengers of 4.1%, which ASA justified “largely with refurbishment works” that are being carried out.

The Amílcar Cabral international airport, on the island of Sal, accounts for the most international movements (53%), while Nelson Mandela international airport, in Praia, Santiago Island, has the highest amount of domestic flights (35%).

In terms of the number of flights, the airports of Sal, Boavista and Praia registered international increases of 18.6%, 10.3% and 1.2%, respectively. (macauhub)