Angolan government subsidises fuel for farmers

6 March 2017

The government of Angola will subsidise fuel for farmers “for the next while” in order to encourage production levels and help diversify the economy, the Secretary of State for Internal Trade announced in Cacuso, in Malanje province.

Jaime Fortunato, who did not specify how long the fuel would be subsidised, said the key objective is to substantially reduce imports of the products in the basic basket of goods.

The Secretary of State acknowledged that agricultural production has remained limited due to high costs of factors of production, which drives a rise in prices of agricultural products, as a way to overcome this situation subsidise fuel to stimulate agricultural mechanisation.

Fortunato also announced the Ministry of Commerce is surveying national production levels in order to “develop strategies to improve the sale of domestic products in the Angolan market.”

The aim, Fortunato said, is to find out precisely what is being produced, where it is produced and in what amounts, to establish the actual amount of production and the level of supply to the domestic market in order to programme an increase in production.

Cited by Angolan news agency Angop, the secretary of state admitted that domestic production does not meet the population’s needs, so it is necessary to encourage producers by providing equipment, for example, as well as the creation of market mechanisms to sell agricultural surplus.

The Secretary of State for Domestic Trade made a two-day visit to three cities in Malanje province in order to determine production levels of rural workers and the difficulties they face in the production process. (macauhub)