Supervision of aggregate exploration and logging increases in Angola

14 March 2017

The supervision of exploration of aggregates and wood in Angola will be intensified following the recent creation of a national commission coordinated by the General Tax Administration (AGT), according to daily newspaper Jornal de Angola.

The commission, which includes representatives of the Fiscal Police, Criminal Investigation Services (CIS) and the Migration and Foreigners Service (SME), is focused on identifying the companies exploring aggregates and wood to verify their legal status and tax compliance.

Antonio Vuma, head of the AGT anti-fraud unit, who headed a mission that recently visited the province of Kuando Kubango, said the national commission will work in all regions of the country with the support of the provincial governments, to identify vulnerable areas and both legal and illegal companies exploring mineral and forest resources.

After identifying the vulnerable areas across the country, “the commission will make a diagnosis of who is exploring what, where they are operating and what is the tax situation of those taxpayers,” he said, adding that the first phase of the process will then be complete.

In a second phase the national commission will focus its attention on foreign trade operations, particularly cash raised by exports that does not enter the banking system. (macauhub)