Two Chinese medical teams are working in Guinea-Bissau

22 March 2017

Guinea-Bissau is the only country that has benefited from the simultaneous presence of two Chinese medical teams, the Chinese ambassador in the country said at the end of an audience granted by the country’s President, José Mario Vaz.

The two medical teams are working at the Central Military Hospital in Bissau and in Canchungo Hospital in the north of the country, providing consultation services and treatments at no cost to the Guinean state.

Ambassador Wang Hua said he discussed with José Mario Vaz projects carried out in the three years and seven months he had been in Guinea-Bissau, particularly consolidation, development and deepening of diplomatic, traditional and historical relations between the two countries.

The diplomat said he had talked with the President about how best to deploy cooperation projects, particularly in the agricultural sector and said the team of Chinese technicians working in Bafatá, in the east of Guinea-Bissau, has said it is possible to increase yields and production per hectare in the region.

Wang Hua, who will stand down from his role soon, is the eleventh ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in Guinea-Bissau since the country became independent in 1973. (macauhub)