Macau posts trade deficit of US$1.226 billion in January/February

3 April 2017

The trade deficit registered in Macau in January/February in the amount of 9.812 billion patacas represented a drop of 3.6% from the amount recorded in the same period of 2016 when it reached 10.181 billion patacas, said the region’s statistics and census bureau.

The cumulative deficit in the first two months of the year was the result of exports which grew 11.2% to 1.876 billion patacas and imports that fell 1.5% to 11.688 billion patacas on year.

Some of the products imported by the territory’s companies saw significant declines including building materials (239 million patacas and a variation of -29.3%) and passenger cars and motorcycles (187 million patacas and -14.8% ), while others posted increases such as gold jewellery, which increased to 25.2% in 1.180 billion patacas and watches, whose value rose 36.7% to 842 million patacas.

In February, the balance of trade posted a deficit of 4.279 billion, which was similar to the 4.215 billion patacas observed a year earlier, as a result of exports which 904 million patacas (+27.5% on year) and imports worth 5.183 billion (+5.2%).

The value of products exported by Macau in January/February to the Portuguese-speaking countries amounted to 200,000 patacas (+ 25.6%) and imported products reached 103 million patacas (+12.9%). (macauhub)