Forum Macau trains 150 professionals from Portuguese-speaking countries in 2017

The training center of Forum Macau will train about 150 people at the five colloquia it plans to organise this year on productive capacity, financial cooperation, trade laws, traditional medicine and tourism administration, said Xu Yingzhen, the secretary general since June 2016.


The secretary-general told online newspaper Plataforma that the colloquia organised by the centre are intended to offer training to professionals from Portuguese-speaking countries, although sometimes they also support professionals who participate in colloquia organised by China’s Trade Ministry to disseminate information about Macau.


Xu Yingzhen told the newspaper that the Services Complex for China-Portuguese-speaking Cooperation will play a very important role, as “a place for all institutions working for cooperation between China and the Portuguese-speaking countries.”


“The Permanent Secretariat will be moving there and the future Business Federation of China and Portuguese-speaking Countries as well, and in the future it will host meetings and seminars as well as cultural exhibitions, which will greatly facilitate the work to be carried out,” she said.


The Secretary-General of Forum Macau stressed that trade between China and Portuguese-speaking countries, which in the past two years has declined in value due to a downturn in world trade, is improving, “which Is visible in January and February, where there have already been increases both in global terms and in exports and imports.”


In conclusion, Xu Yingzhen said she hoped the Meeting of Businesspeople of China and the Portuguese-speaking Countries, taking place this year in Praia, Cabo Verde (Cape Verde), “that entrepreneurs find business opportunities and learn more about the situation of each country.” (macauhub)