Government of Mozambique approves new minimum wages

19 April 2017

The new minimum wage in force in Mozambique now varies between 3,642 meticais (US$51) for the agriculture sector, hunting, forests and forestry and 10,400 meticais (US$145.5) for banking, financial and insurance activities, according to a government decision.


The new table, which includes the new minimum wages for the Civil Service and for eight other sectors, was approved during a cabinet meeting on Tuesday in Maputo.


The government spokesman, Mouzinho Saide, said the minimum wage for civil servants increased by 21% to 3,996 meticais and the percentage changes recorded in other sectors ranged from 9.4% for non-financial activities (5,525 meticais) and 20.97% for industrial and semi-industrial fishing (4,615 meticais).


The Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security, Vitória Diogo also noted that the salaries are for reference only, and most of the existing companies in the country already pay more than this. (macauhub)