Prices up 0.72% in Macau year-on-year in March

21 April 2017

Year-on-year inflation in March increased by 0.72% in March, higher than in February (+0.37%), which was mainly due to an increase in the prices of meals outside the home, school fees and gasoline, according to the Statistics and Census Bureau (DSEC).

DSEC noted that the categories of Alcohol and Tobacco and Education recorded the highest growth, with increases of 8.80% and 7.38%, respectively, compared to March 2016.

The Consumer Price Index decreased by 0.01% in relation to February, with the highlight being the drop in the Apparel and Footwear category, which reached -1.90% due to sales on winter garments.

The rate of inflation measured by the average of the indexes of the last 12 months over the previous 12 months was 1.69%, with the highest growth in the price indices of the Alcohol and Tobacco (+14.62%), Education (+8.00%) and Transport (+6.92%) categories. (macauhub)