Prices of hotels in Angola have to lower to increase occupancy rate

24 April 2017

Hotel owners in Angola must establish prices in line with people’s purchasing power in order to increase the occupancy rate of these units, said on Friday in Luanda the secretary general of the Association of Hotels and Resorts of Angola (AHRA).


Secretary-General Ramiro Barreira pointed out that hotel establishments in some of the country’s provinces have occupancy rates ranging from 5.0% to 15%, and that measures should be taken to increase this rate to at least 50%.


Barreira, on the sidelines of the end of the first course for hotel directors and managers in the provinces of Moxico, Benguela, Malanje, Kwanza Norte, Huíla and Luanda, said that hi association would try to find a balance in order to adjust hotel prices to the reality of the country.


The secretary general of the AHRA also said that if the occupancy rate of hotels reached 50% it would be possible to increase the number of both domestic and foreign tourists and make the sectors weight in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) exceed the current 0.65%.

The Ministry of Hospitality and Tourism of Angola has a plan underway to increase the number of tourists to 4.6 million by 2020.


Barreira pointed out that in order for owners to lower their prices, electricity and water costs needed to be reduced along with taxes on the sector.


The Association of Hotels and Resorts of Angola currently has 400 members from the country’s 18 provinces. (macauhub)