Chinese group supplies hybrid power plants to Angola

25 April 2017

China’s group Dongfang Electric Corporation will supply seven hybrid power plants fueled by diesel and/or solar energy to Angola, under a contract worth US$241.9 million authorized by an order from the Angolan President.

The contract quoted by Portuguese news agency Lusa involves installing thermal power plants in various Angolan provinces to produce three megawatts of electricity when run on diesel and two megawatts when run on solar energy.

As well as the hybrid plants, and “taking into account the urgent need” the document said, the contract also involves the “delivery, installation, operation and maintenance” of three diesel-powered plants, of 20 megawatts each in the cities of Moçâmedes (Namibe province), Luena (Moxico) and Menongue (Kuando Kubango).

The DEC group, hired by public electricity company Empresa Pública de Produção de Electricidade, will also build medium voltage transmission lines, of 15 and 30 kilovolts, related to these plants.

These power plants, known as renewable diesel hybrid systems offer the advantages associated with the renewable energy with the reliability of diesel, while allowing a rapid response to load fluctuations. (macauhub)