Dynamic Macau Week held this month in city of Shenzhen

The city of Shenzhen hosted Dynamic Macau Week 2017 from 14 to 16 April, showcasing the region’s role as a platform between China and the Portuguese-speaking countries, said the Macau Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM).


A particular highlight of the event was the Economic and Trade Cooperation and Human Resources Portal between China and Portuguese-Speaking Countries, which set up a promotional counter at the venue, the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre.


The promotion of Macau’s role as a platform for cooperation between China and Portuguese-speaking countries at the event allowed many customers to get to know products from Portuguese-speaking countries, as well as to get up to date information about Macau as a market, its investment climate, investment project, laws and regulations, conventions and exhibitions.


The website already has information on more than 10,000 food products from Portuguese-speaking countries and has attracted almost 14,000 registered users.


Alongside Dynamic Macau Week, an exhibition area for food from the Portuguese-speaking countries was set up, with QR codes in Chinese and Portuguese for all the foods on display, enabling customers to know find out directly about product specifications. (macauhub)