Foreign workers in Angola can be paid in foreign currency once again

28 April 2017

Non-resident foreign workers in Angola can once again be paid in foreign currency, not just in kwanzas, according to presidential decree 78/17, of 24 April, repealing another decree from 6 March.


The new decree stipulates that “the value and currency of the remuneration of foreign non-resident workers are freely agreed between the employer and the worker,” in compliance with the general principles set out in the General Labour Law and new legislation.


The decree of 6 March indicated that Angolan companies could only hire non-resident foreign workers for a maximum period of 36 months, with payments made exclusively in kwanzas, with the central bank deciding on the amount of transfers abroad.


Non-resident foreign worker are citizens of another nationality, “not residing in Angola, with professional, technical or scientific qualifications in which the country is not self-sufficient, hired in foreign country to pursue their professional activity in Angola for a time. ” (macauhub)