People’s Republic of China offers 200 scholarships to Guinea-Bissau

The People’s Republic of China has made 200 scholarships available to the government of Guinea-Bissau in a number of areas, most notably those related to agronomy and electro-technology, Guinean Prime Minister Umaro Sissoco Embaló said on Sunday.

The prime minister made statements during his visit to a fruit farm in Mansaba, central Guinea-Bissau, owned by a group of young agronomists supported by Spanish investor Cristóban Chances Forniele.

Embaló expressed his satisfaction that most of these scholarships are allocated to internships and training of Guineans in the area of agricultural production, which the government considers to be a priority area.

Embaló added that agriculture has potential that should be maximised to develop the country and that in addition to domestic actions the government is trying to find foreign partners and investors interested in boosting the sector.

The farm, which is still in the experimental phase to find out which species are most suitable for the soil and climate of that area of Guinea- Bissau, has more than 19,000 mango plants and other varieties of fruit trees, whose crops will supply the domestic market and be exported to countries in the sub-region, namely Senegal and Gambia, to Morocco and, at a later stage, to Europe. (macauhub)