European Union approves customs exemption for fishery products from Cabo Verde

15 May 2017

The European Union (EU) has approved a request for an annual export exemption on Cabo Verde’s (Cape Verde’s) fishery products, which has been under negotiation for months, said Foreign Minister Luís Filipe Tavares.

The minister also told the Inforpress news agency that all that was required now was publication in the official European Union bulletin and stressed that all EU member states had approved the request.

Tavares also said that Cabo Verde is seeking a long-lasting solution with the European Union so that it does not have to make exemption requests every year.

Delays in renewing the exemption from customs duties have led the Frescomar fish processing company on the island of San Vicente to serve 301 workers with a redundancy notice in December.

The Cape Verdean government has asked the company to reconsider the decision as it believes the regime that allows the country to export fishery products with a customs exemption will be back in place soon, and the company has decided to suspend the notice and give workers paid leave. (macauhub)