Mozambican airlines taken off the European Union black list

17 May 2017

Mozambican airlines have been taken off the European Union’s black list following improvements in the aviation safety system, the European Commission said in a statement issued on Tuesday in Brussels.

In addition to the Mozambican airlines, those from Benin were also taken off the European black list, to which four other companies, Med-View (Nigeria), Mustique Airways (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines), Aviation Company Urga (Ukraine) and Air Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe) were added.

This decision follows on from improvements by the Mozambican Civil Aviation Institute and Mozambican flagship airline LAM to further improve systems for safety oversight, safety management and enforcement of international aviation safety standards.

Following this latest review, the European blacklist includes 181 airlines from 16 countries.

Mozambique has signed an agreement with France for scheduled flights between the two countries. (macauhub)