Macau meeting strengthens China’s business relations with Portuguese-speaking countries

Chinese state-owned enterprises operating in Portuguese-speaking countries reaffirmed their interest in continuing to invest in those countries, using Macau as a platform for access and cooperation.

During the “Summit on construction of the Services Platform for Trade Cooperation between China and the Portuguese-speaking Countries,” held on Wednesday, Zhang Zongyan, president of the China Railway Group (CREC), said that since 2008 his group has invested 10 billion renminbi in Angola and other Portuguese-speaking countries and called for the need for Macau to play a supporting role in understanding the legislation, language and culture of those countries.

Song Zhiping, chairman of the China National Building Materials Group Corporation (CNBM) said the group supplies building materials and intends to use Macau to strengthen financial cooperation in the search for new international markets.

Song also revealed that his group has acquired Fábrica de Cimento de Macau (Macau Cement Plant).

Infrastructure cooperation is also on the agenda of the China Energy Engineering Group Co. (CEEC), Ltd whose chairman Wang Jianping said the group is ready to share its expertise with the Portuguese-speaking countries in the energy sectors, especially in the construction of thermal power stations.

The chairman of China Railway Construction Group Co. (CRCG), Meng Fengchao, recalled that the group has invested more than US$6 billion in Angola, Mozambique, Brazil and Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) in recent years and said the meeting opened new opportunities for cooperation and business with companies and entrepreneurs from Portuguese-speaking countries.

On behalf of China’s Three Gorges Project Development Co (CTG), Yang Ya, recalled the major investments made in Portugal in the last five years and said he was certain that Chinese companies can take advantage of Macau’s role as a diversified service platform to expand Business in the European Union, South America and Africa.

Jorge Costa Oliveira, Secretary of State for Internationalisation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Portugal, said at the meeting that Portugal will continue to work with Macau to further deepen business relations of Portuguese-speaking countries with China through Macau.

At the meeting, Macau Chief Executive Chui Sai On gave assurances that the Special Administrative Region, as a liaison platform between China and Portuguese-speaking countries, will ensure full support and cooperation in order to conquer the international market.

A statement from the Office of the Secretary for Economy and Finance said the meeting, which was attended by several state and private companies from China and Portuguese-speaking countries representing sectors such as civil construction, energy, finance and infrastructure, is a new chapter of cooperation centered on the Macau platform. (macauhub)