China to support agriculture in Guinea-Bissau

5 June 2017

China has selected agriculture as one of the main areas of bilateral cooperation with Guinea-Bissau, said the Chinese ambassador during a visit to the facilities of Guinean state newspaper “Nô Pintcha.”

Ambassador Jin Hongjun said his country’s authorities intended to cooperate with Guinea-Bissau in that sector, notably by sending agricultural equipment and rice seed.

“We have a team of agricultural technicians who are working in Bafatá, Oio and Gabú and they are seeing great successes in those areas,” he said.

Jin Hongjun noted that Chinese technicians, who have managed to triple Guinean rice production, have developed a seed called “Sabi 12,” which is appropriate for Guinean soil characteristics.

The Chinese ambassador praised the agricultural project of the President of the Republic, José Mário Vaz, called “Mon na Lama,” noting that if this programme is successful it will help solve food supply problems in Guinea-Bissau. (macauhub)