Mozambique plans to build a North-South railway line

9 June 2017

A railroad running from the north to the south of Mozambique, over a distance of 3,800 kilometres and costing an estimated US$20 billion, was presented on Thursday to investors gathered in Tete, during the Tete Infrastructure Forum.

This project, which still lacks economic feasibility studies, would make it possible to establish a link to the railways which are already built and extend them from the interior to the coast as well as to the existing ports and to those preparing to be built in the future.

During the meeting, which brought the Ministers of Transport and Communications, Mineral Resources and Energy, Public Works, Housing and Water Resources and Agriculture and Food Security to the city of Tete, the Ministry of Transport and Communications presented five other projects, including an airport village in Nacala and a technology park in Mocuba, Zambézia province.

The President of Mozambique, speaking at the opening of the meeting, said the agricultural sector was the “backbone” of the Mozambican economy, regardless of the high expectations related to development of natural gas deposits discovered in the north of the country.

At the meeting with entrepreneurs and financial entities of different nationalities, the four ministries presented plans for public works in the country for which they intend to raise investment and that are included in the 2015-2019 Five-Year Programme. (macauhub)