Cabo Verde intends to include more areas in EU partnership agreement

22 June 2017

The Cape Verdean government will negotiate the inclusion of three new areas in the partnership agreement it signed a decade ago with the European Union (EU), Cabo Verde’s Foreign Affairs Minister Luís Filipe Tavares said on Wednesday in the Assembly of the Republic in Lisbon.

The Cape Verdean minister, who is also the Defence minister said the country wants to extend the partnership agreement to the areas of “investment, growth and job creation; the problem of managing the oceans and maritime economy and institutional reforms, at both a central and local level,” and requested Portugal’s help, as a member of the European Union, for this purpose.

The Cape Verdean minister, who was at a joint hearing of the Foreign Affairs and European Affairs committees on Wednesday to discuss the partnership between Cabo Verde and the EU, also stressed the “real increase in funds” which the country has benefited from under the latest multiannual frameworks of the European Development Fund.

These funds amounted to 51 million euros and an additional 3 million euros for the victims of the volcanic eruption on the island of Fogo on the X EDF for the 2008-2013 period and 55 million euros for the National Indicative Programme and an additional 7 million euros to control the effects of torrential rains on the island of Santo Antão under the Eleventh EDF for the 2014-2020 period. (macauhub)