Italians invest in ship repair and canned fish in Angola

29 June 2017

A group of Italian business people plan to invest in the construction of a shipyard for assembly and repair of fishing vessels in the municipality of Soyo, in Angola’s Zaire province, the director of Italian company Ac Enterprises said on Wednesday in the city.

Orazio Omata also told Angolan news agency Angop news that the investment will be made in partnership with the Angolan company Pele Angola.

Omata said that a shipyard is a project of major importance, as it makes it possible to assemble and repair fishing vessels to operate in the region and the re-launch of the fishing sector in the province.

Alongside the shipyard the company plans in August to start building a factory to process fish in the city’s industrial hub.

The project, a partnership between Italian and national business owners, will be implemented in an area of ​​5,000 square metres, and materials for its construction, as well as equipment, will arrive in Soyo later this month from Italy.

Pele Angola’s director, Joaquim Alberto, said that the cannery should start supplying the domestic market with fish fillets by February 2018, “after which we will start thinking about exporting the product.”(macauhub)