Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries should focus on the economy

Entrepreneurs from Portuguese-speaking countries want to turn the Portuguese-speaking Community (CPLP) from an essentially political institution to one that focuses on economic issues, Salimo Abdula, the Mozambican president of the CPLP Business Confederation said in Maputo.

On the sidelines of the first economic conference of the Business Confederation of the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (EC-CPLP), Abdula said that in order to achieve this goal “it is urgent to improve the mobility of people and goods within the community. “

The first economic conference of the CPLP market will take place in the second half of October in Maputo, during which CPLP entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to share their ideas and priorities that will allow the creation of the new CPLP market.

Quoted in Mozambican daily newspaper Notícias, Abdula said that the CPLP’s arbitration, conciliation and mediation centre is under discussion, “which is one way we can help reconcile commercial conflicts between the companies that are investing in the area of CPLP. “

Issues such as recognition of professions within the CPLP, establishment of foreign capital companies and air and sea links will be discussed during the first economic conference of the CPLP market, during which a Maputo Treaty is expected to be adopted, a document establishing concrete measures for the implementation of the project. (macauhub)