China Development Bank funds projects in Ceará, Brazil

5 July 2017

The China Development Bank intends to fund projects in the health sector in Brazil, which will be developed by the China Meheco Corporation, and plans to start in the State of Ceará, according to members of a mission that was received on Tuesday by the governor of State.

The mission that was received in an audience by Governor Camilo Santana included, among others, the chief executive of China Development Bank International Investment Limited, Lei Zeyu, the head of the bank in Brazil, Yuankun Xu and the representative of China Meheco Corporation for Latin America, Roberto Jiso.

At the end of the audience, the governor said the agreement with these two entities will make it possible to finance and establish partnerships not only with the State but also with the private sector of Ceará, and that one of the focuses was the Industrial and Technological Health Hub (PITS).

The Chinese mission travelled on Monday to PITS and the Ceará Export Processing Zone (Ceará EPZ), with the aim of conducting a feasibility study to install two units in Ceará, one for export in the Ceará EPZ and another in PITS for the domestic market.

On receiving the mission at ZTE Ceará, António Balhmann, the special adviser for International Affairs of the State Government, recalled that the State had been granted US$4 billion in investments in the health sector under the Brazil-China agreement.

The China Meheco Corporation is a holding company that operates in the pharmaceutical sector and in the production of equipment for the health sector. (macauhub)