Metropolitan Region of Maputo, Mozambique, will receive more water in 2018

17 July 2017

Works to install a water pipeline to increase the water supply to the metropolitan region of Maputo are expected to be completed by the end of this year, according to Mozambican state news agency AIM.

The 95-kilometre-long pipeline linking the Corumana Dam in Moamba to the Machava Distribution Centre in the municipality of Matola will allow more than 650,000 people to have access to drinking water.

The launch of the pipeline that began to be installed in 2016 also includes construction of the new Sabié water treatment plant (ETA), which is currently at the bidding stage.

However, those responsible for the work told the Minister of Public Works, Housing and Water Resources, Carlos Bonete on a visit to the site, that the pipe will be possible to take the water to the distribution center of Machava and, from there, For the entire network that supplies the metropolitan area of Maputo.
After completion of the works expected to cost US$173 million financed by the World Bank and another 20 million euros granted by the Netherlands, 60,000 cubic metres of water per day will be processed, which is expected to increase to 120,000 cubic metres per day.

Work to place new sluice gates on the Corumana dam will begin in two months with the support of the World Bank, allowing the rise of water level in the reservoir and increasing storage capacity from 720 million to 1.240 million cubic metres of water. (macauhub)