Brazil exports 33% of Brazilian agribusiness to China in first half

20 July 2017

China imported US$13 billion worth of agricultural and livestock products from Brazil in the first half of this year, which was a 21% increase over the same period of 2016, according to the Brazilian foreign trade portal (COMEX).

According to COMEX, 33% of Brazilian agribusiness exports went to China. Soybeans were the main product exported between January and June with about 29 million tonnes.

Sales to China accounted for almost twice the volume exported to the European Union (EU), the second largest foreign customer for Brazilian agribusiness.

Exports to the 28 countries of the European bloc totalled US$6.7 billion and accounted for 17% of total exports by Brazilian agribusiness in the first half.

Agricultural exports to the United States increased by 6.3% to US$2.5 billion, making the country the third biggest international market for Brazilian agricultural products. (macauhub)