Brazil seeks partnerships in China through seminar held in Nanchang

28 July 2017

Representatives of the Government of Brazilon 30 June are due to conclude a one-week visit to China in the city of Nanchang, the capital of Jiangxi province, at the “Governance capacity for heads of Brazilian state governments,” seminar, according to the Brazilian press.

The Secretaries of State for Management, Júlio Modesto, of the Office of Transparency and Combating Corruption (GTCC), Fausto Freitas and the advisor on International Affairs of the Cabinet, Rita Chiletto, are the three top officials of the Brazilian government who by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China (Mofcom).

Chiletto said that after visits to Shanghai and the historic cities of Wuzhen and Hangzhou, the trio returned to Nanchang where, during the seminar, she made a presentation about Brazil, “basically about what the country trades, the relations it has with China and the potential partnerships that could be possible by region.”

The seminar is intended to discuss the governance models of the two countries, identify potential areas for investment and partnerships, taking into account the significant Chinese population of around 1.3 billion people and Chinese concerns about food security, in which the state Mato Grosso is an important trading partner for China.

In addition to these three representatives of the federal government of Brazil, the mission includes senior officials from the governments of several states in Brazil, including Paraíba, Santa Catarina; Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, Goiás, Alagoas and Paraná. (macauhub)