Chinese government to take steps to facilitate the life of Macau residents

11 August 2017

The Chinese government plans to gradually introduce concrete measures to facilitate life on the mainland for residents of Macau as well as Hong Kong, the Macau government spokesman indicated, citing an official from the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office of the State Council.

Those measures will provide more opportunities for the personal development of Macau residents on the mainland, the spokesman said, recalling that the territory’s government has always supported and encouraged Macau residents to fully take advantage of the country’s development opportunities to foster their own personal development.

“The government has also placed a great deal of attention and importance on the aspirations expressed by Macau residents who study, work or live in the interior of China. These gradually-introduced preferential measures will effectively assure the personal development of Macau residents on the mainland,” the respective statement reads.

It also indicates that the Macau government will boost publicity about various preferential policies and measures granted by the central government to Macau residents via its representative office and those of its various services on the mainland.

Besides maintaining contacts with central government ministries with a view to continual improvement of those policies and measures, the Macau government plans to promote cross-border cooperation via regional mechanisms such as those for Guangdong/Macau, Fujian/Macau, Shenzhen/Macau and Beijing/Macau, namely in the areas of social security, medicine, investment and entrepreneurship and labour rights. (Macauhub)