Annual budget to make Macau a “smart city” set at US$25 million

15 August 2017

The annual budget set aside for the project to make Macau a “smart city” has been set at 200 million patacas (US$25 million) for the coming years, according to an official statement released on Monday.

The statement added that 500 million patacas (US$62.5 million) will be spent this year on information technology to support the city’s smart development under the recently signed contract with Alibaba Cloud, a subsidiary of Chinese group Alibaba.

The Framework Agreement for Strategic Cooperation in the Area of Building an Intelligent City was signed “following more than six months of exchange and communication” between the two sides.

“The creation of a government-only cloud computing centre means that the facilities, the equipment, the system, the platform, the computing method, and especially the data collected and stored by the system will be owned by the government,” the statement said.

The statement, signed by the government spokesperson, said the Alibaba group will only provide support for creation of the cloud computing centre, the configuration of the cloud computing system and the data platform, and the design of the data computing method, and will not have access itself.

“All data will be stored in Macau, not involving flight abroad,” said the statement, adding that the data centre will be installed in existing facilities of the Macau government.

The press release noted that the “Personal Data Protection Act” currently in force in Macau “ensures full protection of personal data and privacy,” so the government will make it anonymous under the supervision and guidance of the Office of Personal Data Protection, “to ensure Macau’s data security.” (macauhub)