Angola to resume export of canned fish

21 August 2017

Angola is due to start exporting canned fish to the European market following the inauguration on Friday in the municipality of Tômbwa, Namibe province, of two new units for canning, freezing and preserving fish, according to the Angolan press.

Pes-Sul, the unit for production of canned fish, has two processing lines and daily production of 125,000. Its owners are considering setting up a line to produce fish paste later this year.

The Minister of Fisheries, Vitória de Barros Neto, noted that the recovery of this unit allows Angola to have canned fish produced in the country again and in the medium term to start exporting to markets such as Europe, “where our canned fish previously had a presence.”

She recalled that Angola has always been a producer of canned fish such as tuna, mackerel, sardines, anchovies and horse mackerel, before and after independence, with factories located in the provinces of Namibe and Benguela.

The minister also inaugurated the Nova Vida company, whose facilities were built from scratch, and which has the capacity to freeze 250 tonnes of fish per day through 10 freezing tunnels.

Angola imported more than 3,800 tonnes of canned food in 2016, mainly from Morocco, Indonesia, Thailand and Portugal, and the country’s 2012-2017 National Development Plan includes plans for the country to produce around 4600 tonnes of canned fish by the end of the period.

The municipality of Tômbwa is located 93 kilometres south of the city of Moçâmedes. (macauhub)