Government of Mozambique promotes the Special Economic Zone (EEZ) of Nacala and the islands of Crussi and Jamali

24 August 2017

The Mozambican government intends to publicise the Nacala Special Economic Zone and the tourist project of the islands of Crussi and Jamali, by launching a tender to hire companies to produce promotional material and image banks, according to information from the Ministry for the Economy and Finance.

Mozambican daily newspaper Notícias reported that the tender is part of the implementation phase of the Integrated Growth Hubs project under the Ministry’s mandate to improve the performance of companies and small producers in the Zambezi Valley and the Nacala Corridor, as well as strengthening the capacity of public and private sector institutions.

The islands of Crussi and Jamali, although outside the geographical area of ​​the Nacala EEZ, play an important role in the development of this area, attracting air routes to Nacala, which depends on the existence of a high quality tourist destination such as the two islands, so far promoted by the National Institute of Tourism.

The Ministry of Economy and Finance also said the companies hired will make promotional videos and create a bank of images that will be used in different national and international forums, in order to attract private investments.

The Crussi and Jamal Special Economic Zone is located at the administrative post of Matibane in the district of Mossuril, about 30 kilometres from the city of Nacala-Porto. (macauhub)