7,000 companies affected by typhoon Hato request assistance

1 September 2017

By the end of August the Industrial and Commercial Development Fund had received 7,000 requests for support from micro, small and medium sized businesses affected by typhoon Hato, the Macau Economic Services Department (MES) announced.

A total of 843 support requests were approved by the end of the month, involving an amount of 41.15 million patacas, the MES indicated, adding that efforts were being made to allocate the 50,000-pataca subsidy decided by the Macau government as soon as progressively possible.

The department specified that work on checking the information supplied by beneficiary companies was redoubling to guarantee the proper use of public funds.

The amount of the subsidy was increased from 30,000 to 50,000 patacas by Macau government decision after learning of the problems faced by those companies as well as peddlers, which constitute the territory’s economic mainstay.

Typhoon Hato was one of the most violent ever to hit Macau. It left 10 people dead and 244 wounded, along with a trail of destruction affecting housing and business spaces. Also, nearly 10,000 trees were totally or partially destroyed in the territory.

The typhoon’s effects include fallen trees, scaffolding, fences and advertising signs, broken windows and various flood zones, namely areas of the Inner Harbour and Barra, as well as damage to buildings.

Hundreds of volunteers along with soldiers from the Macau garrison of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army have participated in disaster-response work, removing rubbish and debris. (Macauhub)