Cabo Verde’s airline has no airplanes for international flights

13 September 2017

Cabo Verde’s (Cape Verde’s) flagship airline TACV will continue to offer no international flights in the next few days, while it waits for a replacement engine for its only Boeing 757 aircraft, the Cape Verdean press reported.

“TACV continues to look for better solutions for the routing of passengers and for the replacement of affected flights. The search for a charter aircraft continues, as well as a replacement engine, but without success due to the difficulties resulting from the end of the high season in all markets,” said the statement issued in Praia.

The company said that the routing of passengers through other companies such as TAP – Air Portugal, Royal Air Marroc and SATA, “remains the most viable solution, but is subject to the availability of seats.”

The most affected airports are those of Praia and São Vicente, with retained passengers from Europe, Brazil and the United States, as the island of Sal, because it has more companies operating there, has no pending cases.

The Cape Verdean airline is in the process of restructuring with a view to its privatization, and the government recently signed a contract one-year management contract with the Icelandair Group.

With accumulated liabilities of over 100 million euros, the company only offers international flights after the government negotiated an exclusive contract with Binter Cabo Verde to offer connections in the domestic market. (macauhub)