Business people from South Africa and US invest in Mozambique

13 September 2017

Nuanetsi Lda, a company owned by investors from South Africa and the United States of America, has been authorised to install a game farm on a plot of 17,900 hectares, according to a decision of the Mozambican government issued on Tuesday by the Council of Ministers.

According to Mozambican legislation a game farm is “a delimited area, with or without a fence, but properly signalled, in which the right to hunt is limited to the respective owners of the right to use the land or to those who have been given authorisations, both of which require the relevant license issued by the competent authority.”

The spokeswoman for the meeting, Ana Comoana, who is also Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism, said that with the award of Land Use and Land Use Rights (DUAT), Nuanetsi now has the “green light” to install a tourist resort.

The game farm is located at the administrative post of Mapulanguene, Maputo province, with South African and US investors planning to invest US$25 million in the construction of ten tourist accommodations and other infrastructure, such as access roads and schools.

Comoana said the investment will create 110 jobs and added that the surrounding population could gain indirectly by providing products and services to the game farm. (macauhub)