Guinea-Bissau secures funding through a new public debt issue

9 October 2017

Guinea-Bissau raised 4.505 billion CFA france (US$8.057 billion) with the placement of a three-year bond issue, the West African Monetary Union treasury bond agency said.

The issue was made at the request of the General Directorate of the Treasury and Public Accounts of Guinea-Bissau and the transaction is part of the Guinea-Bissau public debt issuance programme under the long and medium term strategy for debt management, the statement said.

This issue, totalling 5 billion CFA francs and a value date of 9 October 2017, pays an interest rate of 6.50% and matures on 11 April 2020.

The last issue of Guinea-Bissau public debt occurred in April 2017. (macauhub)