China-Portuguese-speaking Countries Co-operation and Development Fund explained to Macau companies

The first promotion session of the China-Portuguese-speaking Countries Co-operation and Development Fund after its headquarters was transferred to Macau will be held on Thursday in an initiative of the Macau Economic Services Bureau, according to an official statement.

The promotion session is intended to strengthen the knowledge of the local industrial and commercial sectors on the Fund, promote investment and cooperation between China and the Portuguese-speaking countries, and implement central government measures to support Macau’s development.

The Fund was one of the cooperation initiatives announced by the Government of the People’s Republic of China in 2010 during the 3rd Ministerial Conference of the Forum for Economic and Trade Cooperation between China and Portuguese-Speaking Countries.

Officially established in June 2013, it has since been dedicated to promoting cooperation between Chinese companies (including Macau companies) and their counterparts in Portuguese-speaking countries in the financial, investment, economic and commercial fields and in the construction of an investment platform between China and Portuguese-speaking countries.

The Fund’s starting capital was US$1 billion, with the joint participation of the China Development Bank and the Macau Industrial Development and Marketing Fund (FDIC). (macauhub)