Forum Macau official calls for strengthening the relationship between member countries

The Deputy Secretary-General of Forum Macau, Rodrigo Brum, called for further development of relations between the Forum Macau members, with a view to better sharing the results of multilateral cooperation.

Rodrigo Brum, in an interview with Portuguese-language newspaper Tribuna de Macau, noted that the priorities of the Forum are defined, but he considers it necessary to “develop more regular and solid liaison in the Forum with all Portuguese-speaking countries and organisations in their respective countries, similar to what is already happening with China, which is visited on an almost monthly basis.”

“From a strong basis for action, which I hope will be achieved in the short term, and with a deeper knowledge of the priorities of all the parties of the Forum, I hope that we can jointly achieve a level of intervention and results that a multilateral organisation like this has an obligation to provide to member countries,” said the Deputy Secretary-General of Forum Macau.

In the interview Brum said the transfer of the Chinese-Portuguese-speaking Cooperation and Development Fund to Macau will have a huge impact on its operation, which, despite having been created a few years ago, “needs development in order to achieve its proposed objectives.”

The change of the headquarters of the Fund “has made it possible to be closer to the Portuguese-speaking countries through the unique platform that Macau represents and which is already recognised as an unquestionable advantage for Portuguese-speaking country-China connections through Macau,” Brum told the local newspaper.

Brum, 60, is a native of Mozambique, worked in Macau in the 1990s and later held management positions in several companies in Portugal. He holds a degree in Business Administration and Organisation from the Higher Institute of Economics of the Technical University of Lisbon.

Brum took up the post of Deputy Secretary-General of Forum Macau in representation of the Portuguese-speaking countries that have a seat in the organisation.

Forum Macau has two other deputy secretaries-general – Echo Chan appointed by the Macau government and Ding Tian by the Chinese government. (macauhub)