Energy and manufacturing industry in the Portuguese-speaking countries showcased in Macau

The energy and manufacturing sectors in the Portuguese-speaking countries were the focus of a meeting held in Macau on Thursday to explain to local entrepreneurs the how the China-Portuguese-speaking Countries Cooperation and Development Fund works, according to official information.

The press release from the Department of Economic Affairs also said teams from the Fund with experience in making investments in the Portuguese-speaking countries took part in the meeting and gave information about the investment climate in those countries to more than 120 representatives of public services and industrial and commercial associations.

Song Yunsong, the representative of the Fund whose headquarters were recently transferred to Macau, gave details of the recipients of the Fund’s services, criteria and forms of investment, application formalities and necessary information.

The statement added that this session increased knowledge of the Macau industrial and commercial sectors and the general public’s awareness of the Fund, promoting investment and cooperation between China and Portuguese-speaking countries, implementing central government measures to support Macau’s development. (macauhub)