Angola’s Sovereign Fund has assets of US$5.05 billion as of 30 June

16 October 2017

The assets of the Angola Sovereign Fund were valued at US$5.05 billion as of 30 June, 2017, according to a recent statement announcing investments made in the second quarter.

The disclosed value of the Fund’s assets, which was had starting capital of US$5 billion, is an increase of 1.2% over the US$4.99 billion recorded at the end of 2016.

The statement said 48% of the Fund’s asset portfolio was in sub-Saharan Africa, 28% in North America, 18% in Europe and the remaining 6% in the rest of the world.

The Fund’s net investment portfolio grossed US$67.27 million, with net investments in fixed income securities valued at US$891 million, accounting for 18% of the total portfolio.

Net investments in variable income securities were valued at US$674 million, representing 14% of the total portfolio.

In all, US$459 million of the US$2.7 billion private equity portfolio was invested in assets in Angola and the sub-Saharan Africa region.

The statement said that the major gains from the seven private equity funds were recorded in the Fund for Agriculture (US$0.11 billion), the Infrastructure Fund (US$0.12 billion) and the Silviculture Fund (US$0.04 billion), offsetting the capital depreciation of US$0.02 billion of the remaining four funds. (macauhub)