Brazilian government studies privatisation of 13 more airports

26 October 2017

Thirteen Brazilian airports will be privatised under the “National Privatisation Programme” may be granted to private initiative individually or in blocks, the Agency of Brazil announced.

The list includes airports in Maceió, Aracaju, Recife, Campina Grande and victory, Juazeiro do Norte, Macaé and Bayeux in the state of Paraíba.

The offer includes five other airports in cities in the state of Mato Grosso, which are important agricultural producers: Várzea Grande, Rondonópolis Sinop, Alta Floresta and Barra do Garças.

The Ministry of Transport, Ports and Civil Aviation will be responsible for the entire process.

The National Civil Aviation Agency (Anac) will be responsible for implementation and monitoring of the privatisation measures, under the supervision of the ministry.

In July, the government announced 57 projects of concessions and privatisation of public companies, including 14 airports – among which was the Congonhas Airport, the second largest in Brazil, with 21 million passengers per year.

Congonhas airport, however, was removed from the list of airports to privatise and the government announced that the auction of the airport in São Paulo would be held in 2018.

The Brazilian government wants to privatise 57 of the country’s infrastructures (roads, airports, ports and power lines) with a view to raising US$14 billion and reduce the public account deficit.

Brazil has already handed the concession of the international airports of Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Belo Horizonte over to private operators. (macauhub)