Trade between China and Portuguese-speaking countries rises 29.36% between January and September

Trade between China and the Portuguese-speaking countries reached US$89.426 billion in the period from January to September, an annual increase of 29.36%, according to official Chinese figures released by Forum Macau.

In the period, China exported goods to the eight Portuguese-speaking countries worth US$26.617 billion (+25.09%) and imported goods totalling US$62.808 billion, (+31.26%) leading to a trade deficit for China of US$36.191 billion.

Trade with Brazil reached US$66.544 billion (+28.78%), with Chinese exports amounting to US$21.126 billion (+33.57%) and Brazilian exports in the amount of US$45.417 billion (+26.67%).

With Angola trade amounted to US$17.133 billion (+45.37%), with Chinese companies exporting goods valued at US$1.657 billion (+33.65%) and imported goods worth US$15.476 billion (+46.75%).

Portugal came in third place with bilateral trade amounting to US$4.239 billion (+1.94%), in which US$2.712 billion (-10,98%) were Chinese exports and US$1.527 billion (+37.33%) were Portuguese exports.

China’s trade with Mozambique  trade amounted to US$1.339 billion (+0.74%), with Chinese companies exporting goods valued at US$953 million (-4.04%) and importing goods worth US$386 million (+14.83%).

With the other Portuguese-speaking countries – Cabo Verde (Cape Verde), Guinea-Bissau, São Tomé and Príncipe and Timor-Leste (East Timor) – trade with China in the period from January to September totalled US$169 million. (macauhub)