Chinese company plans to place LED bulbs in two streets in Rio de Janeiro

24 November 2017

A Chinese company interested in bidding for the tender to modernise the lighting system of Rio de Janeiro will put LED bulbs in two of the city’s streets as a demonstration, the mayor of the Brazilian city told local radio station Radio Tupi on Wednesday.

Marcos Crivella, who returned from a trip to China, also said that this company, whose identity he did not disclose, in addition to replacing the conventional bulbs with LEDs, will install surveillance cameras and Internet access points on the existing poles.

“The large companies in China that produce LED (light emitting diodes) bulbs have already announced that they will submit proposals to the public tender that the municipality will launch,” Crivella told the radio station.

The public tender to be launched by the municipality includes the replacement of 450,000 conventional bulbs with LEDs, as well as the existing poles with other so-called “smart” poles with surveillance cameras and Wi-Fi system.

On Tuesday in Rio’s City Palace  the mayor welcomed a delegation of 30 Chinese entrepreneurs and representatives of commercial and industrial entities from Macau and Shenzhen, to a meeting attended by the consul-general of China in Rio de Janeiro, Li Yang.

Glória Batalha Ung, executive director of the Macau Trade and Investment Promotion Institute  (IPIM), said that the visit to both Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo aims to collect information about the investment climate in Brazil and carry out exchanges with public bodies and enterprises to discover and explore opportunities for cooperation.

The Mayor of Rio de Janeiro noted that he was negotiate a loan with the China Development Bank to be able to pay off US$2 billion in debt the city owes the federal government and that is due to mature soon.

The meeting was organised by IPIM and the Forum for Economic and Trade Cooperation between China and the Portuguese-speaking Countries (Macau) in partnership with the Rio de Janeiro local authority. (macauhub)