Government of Cabo Verde presents five-year development programme in parliament

14 December 2017

The proposal of the Strategic Plan for Sustainable Development 2017/2021 (PEDS), which the Cape Verdean government delivered on Wednesday to the president of the National Assembly, the country’s parliament, intends to create conditions for private initiative to lead the process of development, the finance minister said, quoted by the local press.

The PEDS, which is in line with the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and outlining the government’s agenda for this term of office, also aims to make it possible to achieve economic growth of 7% at the end of this term, with Minister Olavo Correia saying that for this to happen “everyone should contribute.”

“This is possible with the private sector. The State will not be the principal agent. The State leads. We need to have a business environment, and a climate that is conducive to attracting private investments, both domestic and foreign, to realise this vision,” said the minister, calling for a “collective and shared vision” to develop the country.

The Strategic Plan for Sustainable Development brings together a variety of the country’s sector programmes and macroeconomic, structural and social policies for the next five years, the main aim of which is to promote the sustainable development of Cabo Verde (Cape Verde).

Targets outlined in the Government Programme include 7% economic growth, a reduction in unemployment from 15% to 9%, per capita GDP growth in purchasing power parities from US$6,744 to US$8,864 by 2021, an increase in the Human Development Index (HDI), the reduction of the Gini Coefficient to reduce inequalities and to reduce poverty in the country from a rate of 35% to 28.2%. (macauhub)