Four islands of Cabo Verde account for 3/4 of active companies in the country

29 December 2017

Most Cape Verdean companies are located on the islands of Santiago, Sao Vicente, Sal and Boavista, according to the results of the annual business survey (IAE) for year 2016 published on Thursday by the National Statistics Institute of Cabo Verde (Cape Verde – INECV).


With Santiago Island as the national leader, the study also shows that there was a reduction, of between 1.8% and 2.1%, in the number of active companies, the number of employees and turnover in 2016, compared with 2015.


The Annual Survey shows a clear concentration of companies in those four islands, which account for 78.4% of the total number of companies active in 2016 in Cabo Verde.


INE added that the total number of employed people on the island of Santiago accounted for about 43.1% of the total in that year, which is 1.8 percentage points lower than the figure recorded in the previous year.


The study also shows a clear concentration of turnover on the islands of Santiago, São Vicente, Sal and Boavista, which account for 97.0% of the total Cape Verdean economy in 2016.


Santiago accounted for about 44.5% of total turnover in the country in 2016, lower than the previous year by 2.1 percentage points. (macauhub)