Cape Verdean coffee producers await completion of planned investments

8 January 2018

Setting up a unit for reception, husking and bagging of coffee in Santo Antão is one of the investments that coffee producers hope to see in 2018, in order to re-launch this cash crop on the island, said producer Francisco Chantre speaking to the Inforpress news agency.

Setting up a cooperative, which will be responsible for selling the coffee, is another plan that producers want to see implemented as part of the project to add value to the coffee sector in Santo Antão.

The project, which began in 2013, was suspended in 2016 with the closure of the Business Development and Innovation Agency (ADEI), which had been coordinating the actions. The project is due to be re-launched this year by Pro-Empresa (Institute for Business Support and Promotion).

A technician linked to the project said that Pro-Empresa will continue to implement the planned actions, adding that producers have “great expectations” about relaunching coffee, which “once had an important role” in the economy of the island.

The Santo Antão coffee project, which initially consisted of training farmers and restoring coffee plantations, also includes a second stage, in addition to setting up the unit to receive, husk and bag the coffee, also organises producers into a cooperative.

Santo Antão coffee has so far been produced in the traditional way (roasted and ground) and has reached some of the country’s islands through the PARES cooperative, based in Porto Novo.

Santo Antão has 63 coffee plantations in the counties of Ribeira Grande and Paul.

Adding value to Santo Antão’s coffee plantations is part of a national project financed by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), which involves the creation and development of the Cape Verde coffee chain. (macauhub)