Macau and Guangdong province sign cooperation agreement for nuclear plant incidents

10 January 2018

Macau will be notified in a timely manner in the event of any incident in the nuclear power plants operating in Guangdong province, in line with the International Nuclear Accident Scale and the Four States of Nuclear Emergency of China under a cooperation agreement signed on Tuesday between the two governments.

The document signed in Zhuhai, a special economic zone adjacent to Macau, provides for holding alternate meetings and training activities within the context of nuclear emergencies, namely emergencies outside the plant, and professional and technical support mechanisms, among others.

The statement said that the Macau Government has contingency plans and measures to respond to possible nuclear incidents in neighbouring regions whose measures strictly comply with national and international nuclear safety requirements stipulated by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

The agreement is a new step in cooperation in the area of nuclear safety between Guangdong and Macau, creating conditions for the exchange of information in the nuclear contingency plan, allowing the Macau authorities to be more diligent in taking measures by having the latest information on a possible nuclear incident.

The Chinese authorities are building a nuclear power station in Taishan, 70 kilometres from Macau, in Guangdong province. (macauhub)