China to study economic feasibility of major projects in São Tomé and Príncipe

China plans to study the economic feasibility of construction projects for a deep-water port, assembling thermal power plants and modernisation of São Tomé and Príncipe’s international airport, said China’s Foreign Minister, who on Tuesday concluded a visit to São Tomé.

Minister Wang Yi said during a press conference with the São Tomé and Principe Foreign Minister Urbino Botelho that major infrastructure projects have to be assessed through economic feasibility studies before China can finance them.

Wang Yi also said that the parties agreed to carry out works soon for “road repair and drainage ditches” as well as to continue and increase technical cooperation in the areas of energy, agriculture, health, fisheries and the fight against malaria through Chinese technical missions to the archipelago.

After announcing China’s support “for the economic diversification of São Tomé and Principe,” Minister Wang Yi noted the boost to cooperation in tourism, stressing that “China has been sending several groups of tourists to visit São Tomé and Principe,” among other actions in this sector.

The Chinese minister announced that the São Tomé authorities have already confirmed the country’s presence at the next Sino-African summit in Beijing, in September, which is a meeting that brings together all the African countries with which China has diplomatic relations.

Botelho said that “China is a very important partner for the implementation of the Transformation Agenda of São Tomé and Príncipe 2030,” and said that the outcome of the first year of the reestablishment of diplomatic relations with China was positive.

In addition to working meetings with his São Tomé counterpart, the Chinese Foreign Minister was granted an audience with the President of the Republic, Evaristo Carvalho and the Prime Minister, Patrice Trovoada. (macauhub)