Brazil overtakes the US and becomes the main supplier of soy to China

26 January 2018

Brazil overtook the United States in 2017 to become the main soybean supplier to China, with 50.9 million tons, a figure that is a 33.3% increase compared to the figure in 2016, according to figures issued on Thursday in Beijing by the country’s customs.

China imported about 95.5 million tons of soybeans in 2017, with the United States selling 32.8 million tons, down 3.85%, followed by Argentina, which placed 6.58 million tons in the Chinese market, with an annual decline of 17.8%.

In December, China imported 9.54 million tons of soybeans, a year-on-year increase of 6.13%, with the United States placing 6.19 million tons in the market and Brazil 1.94 million tons, an increase of 517% over the amount exported in December 2017.

Chinese imports of maize reached 2.82 million tons in 2017, 10.7% less than in 2016, with Ukraine the main supplier with 1.82 million tonnes, followed by the United States with 756,000 tons.

Australia was the main supplier of wheat to China, with 1.9 million tons, followed by the United States with 1.55 million tons, with Chinese imports last year totalling 4.3 million tons. (macauhub)